Congress Org UK

This site has been set up with the idea that multiple chess congresses could use the same online entry facility. I have started creating a user guide here. The Privacy Policy is here. Also administrator notes
If interested in using this for your congress, contact us Also if you are interested in helping out with software development (PHP and Drupal ) also please get in touch.


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Some technical details are provided here and the features are described below.

  • Congress organiser logs in to add a new congress. Specify late entry date, number of sections etc.
  • Congress participant fills in online form and selects themselves from the grading list (ECF or Chess Scotland)
  • Congress participant fills in online form to enter details and is directed to paypal to pay.
  • When participant has paid at paypal, this triggers his entry to appear on the list of entrants on the web site, it sends him a confirmation email and it sends a confirmation email to the congress organiser.
  • The congress organiser can log in and amend entries if necessary (e.g. late bye request)
  • The congress organiser can log in and manually add entries, e.g. postal.
  • The system automatically calculates an estimated FIDE rating from an ECF rating or vice versa if necessary.
  • The grading type of each section can be set to FIDE, ECF, or Chess Scotland.
  • The congress organiser can extract a list of entrants into XL which can be fed into Swiss Manager or Tournament Director or used with a word template to print pairing cards or wall charts.
  • A report is created adding up entries by section and accounting for paypal's cut for your treasurer. It also reports instances where the entrant has claimed to be an ECF Silver member but is not.
  • When someone enters a login id is automatically created for them. If they then request a password they can login so they don't need to specify their details each time, and can remove or add themselves to mailing lists.
  • Congress organiser can send a mass email to previous entrants of congresses in their oganisation or entrants of a particular congress.