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Last day to enter online2024-03-02
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Entries after 2024-03-01 12:00£10 late fee
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Livingston Allegro & Blitz - March 2024

A Scottish Chess Tour Event

Mercure Livingston Hotel - Saturday 2nd to Sunday 3rd March 2024

Saturday - Open and Intermediate
Sunday - Major and Minor
Saturday Evening - Blitz

Four 5 round Swiss Allegro tournaments and a 9 round Blitz played under the rules of Chess Scotland (CS)

Entries are limited to 60 players for the Saturday Allegros, the Sunday Allegros and the Blitz, please book early.

18/2/2024: Chess Scotland members please note.
We will issue your CS membership discount (£3 for 1 Allegro, £6 for two Allegro events) as a refund to your entry fee.

OrderTotal CostMulti-event discountDiscounted PriceCS Member price after refund
One Allegro (Sat OR Sun)£23£0£23£20
Two Allegros (Sat AND Sun)£46£5£41£38
Blitz only£12£0£12£9
One Allegro (Sat OR Sun) and Blitz£35£5£30£27
Two Allegros (Sat AND Sun) and Blitz£58£10£48£45

Junior Discount is £2 off the Discounted (or the CS Member price if they are a CS Member)




FIDE Rated
CS Graded


Under 1900
FIDE Rated
CS Graded


Under 1600*
FIDE Rated
CS Graded


Under 1400*
FIDE Rated
CS Graded


FIDE Rated

Entry Fee£20 - (Non CS Mem.: £23)**£20 - (Non CS Mem.: £23)**£20 - (Non CS Mem.: £23)**£20 - (Non CS Mem.: £23)**£12
1st. Prize£100£100£100£100£40
2nd. Prize£50£50£50£50
Grading Prizes£30£30£30£303 Rating Prizes - £20 Each

* These are the tournament limits based on February ratings, pre re-valuation. Entries will be based on February ratings.
Tournament Rating Restrictions - To enter tournament restricted by rating, your rating must be below the restriction at time of entry.
** Chess Scotland membership discount £3 - all main sections. Membership discount applies to anyone appearing in the current CS membership list, see here.
Junior discount £2. Junior is under 18 on the 1st January 2024.
We offer a £5 discount if you enter two tournaments and a £10 discount if you enter all three tournaments. Please note, the additional £5 discount for three tournaments is refunded after your entry fee has been paid.
Titled Players (GM/WHM & IM/WIM) - Free, if entry received two weeks in advance via the on-line contact form.

Playing Sessions

RoundStart Time
Lunch Break
Blitz 1-519.00
Blitz 6-920.30

Time Control

Allegro - All moves in 20 minutes, with 10 second increments from move 1.
Blitz - All moves in 3 minutes, with 2 second increments from move 1.


All FIDE rated tournaments use FIDE ratings for rating limits. Chess Scotland only graded events use Chess Scotland grades.
We appreciate there my be some anomalies. we will use gradings/ratings as we deem appropriate.

FIDE Identification Number (FIN)

All players must have a FIDE Identification Number (FIN)*. Chess Scotland can register players who are eligible for a Scotland (SCO) – eligibility rules here. List of registered players here.

The results of the FIDE-rated sections of this event will be submitted to FIDE, the world chess federation. Players in these sections need to be registered with FIDE to allow the results to be submitted.

Information about FIDE registration is available here.

Please read the notes on eligibility at the above link, complete the application form on the Chess Scotland website and send to the Chess Scotland Rating Officer.

*Which must be Licenced. Former FIDE Arena players who have not registered with their national federations may fall into this category. If this is the case, it is generally resolved quite quickly by your national federation. Please enquire if you are unsure of the registration rules before deciding to enter by contacting us using our contact form.

COVID Safety Arrangements

  • If there are government restrictions at the time of the event, they will apply at the Allegro
  • Players must not attend if they have Covid symptoms and a full refund will be given
  • Players must not attend if they have recently tested positive for COVID, or are required to self-isolate

Conditions of Entry

The organisers reserve the right to:
  • Increase or decrease prize money
  • Transfer entrants between events
  • Split or merge events depending on numbers
  • Withhold prizes from ungraded players if they play in events below their known strength
  • Distribute the prize fund as they deem appropriate
  • The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry without assigning a reason
  • Take any other measures deemed necessary to ensure the smooth running of the congress
  • Spectators, and players who have finished their game, are not allowed in the playing hall and may asked to leave the playing hall.

Refund Policy

Players withdrawing prior to the day of the congress may do so with a refund, less a £5 administration fee.


Photographs taken at the event may be used for publicity purposes. Any objection should be notified to the event organiser prior to the event.