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Wey Valley, Surrey Christmas Rapid Play - a London Junior Chess Championships Qualifier

Therfield School, Dilston Road, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 7NZ

Sunday 10th December 2023

ECF rated Swiss tournament for juniors only including a Novice section ideal for beginners.

All sections start at 10am, but are expected to end at different times:

  • Timings below are a guide only and round times will be brought forward if possible.
  • Novice – We estimate the end time 13:30.
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  • Chess-Results and Pairings
  • Sections

    Please note: U18 and Novice Sections ARE NOT LJCC Qualifying Sections

    SectionU18U12 LJCQU10 LJCQU8 LJCQNovice U1000 ECF
    Entry Fee£30 (£32.50 Bronze/ non ECF)£27.50 (£30 Bronze/ non ECF)£27.50 (£30 Bronze/ non ECF)£27.50 (£30 Bronze/ non ECF)£27.50 (£30 Bronze/ non ECF)
    First Prize£100Winner's Rosette/ TrophyWinner's Rosette/ TrophyWinner's Rosette/ TrophyWinner's Rosette/ Trophy
    Second Prize£40Runner-Up Rosette/ medalRunner-Up Rosette/ medalRunner-Up Rosette/ medalRunner-Up Rosette/ medal
    Third Prize£15Rosette/ medalRosette/ medalRosette/ medalRosette/ medal
    Scoring 3 points or moreN/AN/AN/AN/Amedal

    ECF Pay to play fee

    Bronze or none members of the English Chess Federation (ECF) pay an additional £2.50.

    The organisers reserve the right to:

  • Redistribute, in whole or in part, any prize won by a competitor who has won or shared a prize.
  • Transfer entrants between sections.
  • Withhold prizes from ungraded players if they play in events below their known strength.
  • Take any other measures deemed necessary to ensure the smooth running of the congress.

  • Entries received after Thursday, 2 November, if accepted, will require additional £5 late entry fee.
  • Entries received after 18:00 Saturday 4 November, if accepted, will require additional £10 'On the day fee'.
  • No entries will be accepted on the day of the event.


  • In all sections players will be paired using Swiss-Manager. Pairings will be posted at (see above for link) and at the venue. No discussion will be entered into concerning the pairings.
  • Nobody gets knocked out and players are expected to play all rounds.
  • If a player needs to leave early, please inform the controllers prior to leaving or upon your arrival if possible.


    1 point for a win, ½ for a draw or 0 for a loss.


    We estimate Novice section will be completed by 1:30pm when players will be able to leave, unless they have won a prize.

    Times below will either be kept to or, if possible, brought forward i.e. play will continue for the next round fifteen minutes after the current round ends for all competitors.

    U12, U10, U8 and Novice sections will have a small prize giving ceremony in their playing room or next door fifteen minutes after all competitors, in their section, have completed their final game.

    U18 section, will NOT have a prize ceremony, but anybody who was placed first, second or third (or thinks they may be) wins a money prize and should complete a 'Bank Details Form' then hand it to Mrs Emma-Jane Billington-Phillips after which they will be able to leave. Prize money will be paid via BACS within 3 working days after the event.

    The older sections will, likely take longer to play their games, but the same system will apply, the next round of a section will begin fifteen minutes after all games in the section have completed.

    As all sections will be played in a separate classroom, competitors can come and go in between games without disturbing the other sections still playing their previous round. So, younger, beginner players whose games end quickly will have only a short break before the next one, therefore, making their whole day much shorter.

    Section:LJCQ (U8/ U10/ U12)U18Novice
    Arrival From09:3009:3009:30
    Round 110:0010:0010:00
    Round 211:1511:0010:50
    Round 312:3012:0011:40
    Round 413:4513:0012:30
    Round 515:0014:0013:20
    Round 6 LJCQ sections only)16:15N/AN/A
    Prize Giving (Approx.)17:45N/A14.10

    Time Control:

  • In the three LJCQ sections there will be 6 rounds played with digital clocks on all boards. Clocks will be at a rate of all moves in 25 minutes plus 5 second increments per move per player.
  • U18 section there will be 5 rounds played with digital clocks on all boards. Clocks will be at a rate of all moves in 15 minutes plus 5 second increments per move per player.
  • Novice sections there will be 5 rounds played with digital clocks on all boards. Clocks will be at a rate of all moves in 10 minutes plus 5 second increments per move per player.
  • Rating

  • Players' ratings will be determined by using (in order) ECF Rapid/ ECF Standard/ FIDE Rapid/ FIDE Standard. Unrated players must provide evidence for the organisers to assess their playing strength and any previous known rating must be declared (players who have never been rated do not need to).
  • If possible, the most up to date Rating List will be used to determine a player's rating. For players who do not appear in the October List, other lists may be used at the discretion of the organisers.
  • Rating Information - It is a condition of entry that players agree to their rating information being published on the ECF website.

    Other Information

  • No player may win more than one prize. In the U12, U10, U8 and Novice sections the winners, in the event of a tie for first place, will be split according to tie break. The winner after tie break will be awarded the trophy. In the U18 section the prize money will be split among all tying players.
  • If a player would like to play to try a tournament for their first time or are a beginner, they should enter the ‘Novice’ section, unless they are rated above 1000 ECF in which case they are ‘too strong’ for the Novice section and will have to play in another section.
  • FIDE Laws of Chess taking effect from 1 January 2023 apply including for Rapid Chess; Appendix A. Article A.5 for the entire event.
  • Contact details will be stored on a computer for sending out details of future events organised by
  • Free Parking at the school in a large car park.
  • All electronic devices; mobile phones / alarms/ Fitbits/ smart watches must be turned off and not on your person during play or in the playing hall while games are still in progress. If you have an electronic device with you, ensure it is turned off and placed on the table for the entirety of your game. It must not leave the table even if you need to go to the toilet during your game. After your game has ended and you have given in your result please take your device with you, but only switch it on after you have left the playing hall.
  • A player may withdraw at any point up to close of early bird entry, Thursday, 3 November subject to a £9 administration fee. Withdrawal subsequent to this date forfeits the full entry fee.
  • Refreshments, UPDATE - Due to a fault with the van, unfortunately, there will NOT be any refreshments available on site! a food van supplied by Phil You Up will be on-site selling hot and cold refreshments and there is a shop and café a short 5 minute walk away.
  • A day or two before the event we will email all entrants players details and other useful information, please check your child's details are correct and let us know of any errors or emissions.
  • More information is available on our website,, please see link either at the top or bottom of this page.
  • In all disputes the decision of the arbiter is final.

    Short Explanation of Terms

  • FIDE - The abbreviation for International Chess Federation but expressed in French as 'Fédération Internationale des Échecs' - website:
  • ECF - The abbreviation for English Chess Federation - website: ECF Web Site More information about the Wey Valley, Surrey including how to play for them can be found at our website: and here: Wey Valley Web Site More information about the London Junior Chess Championships including how to qualify for them can be found here:LJCC Web Site